Home Automation Systems                                                                                                     

Today you can control all your swimming pool and spa equipment, salt water systems, water features, landscape watering systems, landscape lighting, etc., through these unique electronic systems.  They have several methods of how to manage your systems at home or away, i.e., Touch Screen controls, or IPhone, IPad, or your home PC.


Water Features                                                                                                             

Maybe you need that extra special something to perk up your front or side yard to match the new look of your backyard.  Today there are all types of water special effects such as water walls, waterfalls, statuary water features that add to the relaxing ambiance of your home.


Salt Water Swimming Pools                                                                                         

 No more burning eyes, skin irritations or green hair.  Convert your new or old swimming pool and spa into an electronic salt water sanitizing purification system that converts salt into chlorine.   Science has proven that salt water pools are healthier for us.


Swimming Pool Pumps                                                                                              

Swimming Pool Pumps come with a variety of outstanding features, even multi-speed pumps to save you money on your utility bills, and are easily serviceable. They are made to withstand the environmental conditions, so they will provide you with long lasting performance. Use the Energy Calculator below to see the amount of savings on your electric bill.   Insert Calculator.


Swimming Pool Heaters

The leading Pool Heater manufacturers have designed energy efficient heaters for all applications.  Today’s heaters are easy to maintain, and work with the Automated Control Systems.  You can use the Energy Calculator provided below, to see how much you will save on your gas bill with a new heater. Calculator:


Equipment Warranty                                                                                             

Exclusive Pools manufacturers offer a 3 year warranty for most of their equipment.









































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